Friday, September 11, 2009

Jung SuWon 83rd Testing Cycle and Master demos!

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for photos of the latest JSW testing - 83rd Testing Cycle!! The Do Jung was packed for it. over 30 students tested for their next belt. Special guests included eastern europe royalty even! Below is the article from the Korean Comunity of San Francisco, or click on the above link!

정수원 승단시험 축제 ((Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy)

지난 9월5일 캘리포니아 프리몬 테크놀로지에 있는 정수원(사범 김태연)의 83번째를 맞이한 태권도 승단 시험에 30여명이 참가하여 그 동안 익힌 실력을 내외귀빈들에게 과시하며 실력을 평가 받았다.

정수원의 엄하고 가혹한 수련과정은 정신력을 강조하는 김태연 사범의 독특한 지도철학과 방법론의 산물이며 내공의 기를 강조하는 지도에 수련생들로 부터 절대적인 지지를 받고 있으며 안되면 되게 하는 특유의 정신 무장에 연약한 아이들의 손에서도 벽돌장이 부서지는 결과를 만들어 내고 있다.

재외동포신문, 한국타임즈, 한국건설경제신문사. UPI통신사. SFKorean 편집위원, 한국화보 정승덕 지사장

기사제보 문의: 408-892-1188, SEUNGC@SBCGLOBAL.NET

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Warrior! Express & grow!

I just learned something incredible this week in class with Great Grandmaster Dr Tae Yun Kim, at Jung SuWon - the power of ki up. All during my training I've had a small ki up - I never thought much of it. I recently had the opportunity to be in a class led by Great Grandmaster and to get to have Great Grandmaster give me the opportunity to change my ki up.

It was incredible. Several times Great Grandmaster had be ki up before running and kicking the bags --- suddenly I got a big ki up out and it felt so amazingly different - it felt really strong. It felt like a whole new me.

The next day that class stuck with me. And I found my voice too could be like the new ki up I'd uncovered -- strong, deeper, with conviction.

Before this I was always quiet and held myself back. Now I feel lit up inside - I want to express and share every change I can get to bring up and out my new voice and the new energy I feel inside. Great Grandmaster helped me uncover the real 'me' in me!

Thank you Great Grandmaster!
Jung Su!
Pil Seung!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Breaking Obstacles and limited beliefs at Jung SuWon

He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not ME!!!!

This pictures is from a recent Jung SuWon Belt Ceremony. I never imagined I could do this!! Never in a thousand years! But with Great Grandmaster Dr Tae Yun Kim's energy and training -- Look at the result!

Jung Su!